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Thursday, 18th July 2024.

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About Us

The family firm of Nobles (Wellingborough) Ltd was founded by William Noble in 1870 and is rightly proud of its long association with the people of Wellingborough.

In those early days Nobles manufactured and repaired cooking utensils, pots and pans used over open fires in just about every kitchen within the area, in addition to general commercial metalwork.

Over the years, Nobles have without doubt been successful in combining the traditional crafts of their time served craftsmen with modern high – tech processes and materials to meet the challenges of modern-day industry.

Today Nobles Engineering Solutions Ltd is a specialist quality sheet metal company working with our customers in ferrous and non-ferrous materials from design to manufacture and fabrication.

We serve a client base which is specific and quality controlled with a good understanding of customer needs and requirements.

We pride ourselves in our good relationships with all our customers and employees alike, which makes Nobles a proactive company within the steel and fabrication sector.

Now we are beginning to invest in future employees through apprenticeships enabling all to learn a new skill within the industry, developing their confidence within the workspace.

Nobles continues to move forward and build new relationships within this sector. Always striving to accomplish the very best for ourselves, our customers and our employees.

Managing Director Ollie Kirkwood

Director Michelle Kirkwood